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Paris is fun, a lot, but I'm getting bored here. One can only drink… - My journal in exile [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
John Bell

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[Apr. 22nd, 1992|11:34 am]
John Bell
Paris is fun, a lot, but I'm getting bored here. One can only drink so much coffee and smoke so many cigarettes. I'm thinking of taking a trip, maybe up to Normandy, or down to Marseilles. I don't feel too comfortable leaving France yet. I still have my passport, and I can imagine that my name is on every "Do Not Enter" list in every passport control office in Europe by now.

I got the idea for taking a trip from Vivianne. We were in bed one early evening (nowadays, we just go striaght to the bedroom when I meet her after work) and talked about family trips from our childhoods. I told her about Michigan and Marcus, when Allie hid from us. Vivianne told me about Calais, and her aunt's house there, near the Channel. She could see Dover across the water, and one day tried to swim there. She only made it as far out as a few hundred meters, when she couldn't see the shore anymore and got scared. She swam back and nearly fainted on the beach.

After that, she only takes boats across to England. I wish I could do that.