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I was relieved when Vivianne didn't want to see me tonight: we need… - My journal in exile [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
John Bell

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[Apr. 28th, 1992|02:03 am]
John Bell
I was relieved when Vivianne didn't want to see me tonight: we need our space apart before going away together. I wandered all over Montmartre today, I wrote that last entry while having a late lunch on the steps of a cathedral.

I actually saw Jennifer, again, at Centre Pompidou. She just got back from the UK, having spent two weeks there with her school group. Apparently she shacked up for ten days while there with a Brit named Stefan. I wonder if it's the same Stefan that Allie dated a few years ago. Jennifer and I had dinner together and went dancing. She got really drunk quickly, as if she wanted to, and told me that if I wanted to have a threesome with her and a French girl, she would be up for it.

She doesn't know about Vivianne, of course, and I didn't want to tell her.

Jennifer spent the rest of the evening getting drunker and trying to pick up single French girls with her rapidly-deteriorating French language skills. I just sat next to her at the bar and silently smiled as she failed miserably. There were some cute girls I was definitely interested in, but I was just as amused watching her attempts. So, that didn't happen. Maybe next time, or maybe not, as she's not likely to get that drunk again. She's actually passed out in bed as I'm writing this in the bathroom.

When we got back to my hotel room, she apologized and told me to do whatever I wanted to her. After one of her specialty blow jobs, I threw her, stomach down, on the bed and fucked her from behind. I pounded her hard and came quickly. This was the first time we had sex without a condom and it felt good. Vivianne has some sort of birth control shot, so we don't need one, but I've always needed a condom with Jennifer.

A confession: I thought of Allie and Vivianne together, when I came.